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New Sheep Incognito Events Added for 2015

Check the calendar for New Sheep Incognito Events Added for 2015

I just added a few new events to our lineup for 2015 – among them some of the nation’s largest Irish Festivals…


here is the link to my Event Calendar:

Prices at the shows are a bit lower than on my website, and, you won’t have to pay for shipping on items we have at the mobile gallery.

Also, the mobile Gallery is pretty much the only place where you can snag the newest collector’s cards – we only print a small batch of each card, and they will not be re-printed. They fit neatly into a standard collecting album, so you can start your own mini flock of Sheep Incognito to carry around for a smile on the go.

Come on by for a visit – the Sheep Incognito flock is sure to be somewhere near ewe soon!


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WIP: Stock Car At the Richmond Raceway

We are at the Richmond Raceway Complex this weekend for the 30th Craftsmen’s Classics Arts & Crafts Show.

Which of course is the perfect environment for some more work on the new Sheep Incognito painting
“Stock Car”.

This one is much more work than I bargained for – progress has been slow, and there are sections I’ve repainted about five or more times.
Which has to do with me not liking to work with acrylics, and the fact that details are not my specialty at all.

This has been a bit of a mind- altering project for me in a way: where is the finish line on a painting? Is a painting ever really finished, or is each session the beginning of a new artistic path?

Here is the current status of “Stock Car” – it is 16 inches x 16 inches, acrylics on canvas, and the unframed painting is priced at $795.

We will have giclee prints of it available , both on paper and on canvas.

Email me if you would like to offer Stock Car a living home – I have a waiting list in place, but it is still short enough to give you a good chance of owning the original painting.



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Another Trip to Columbia, SC Next Week – Spring Craftsmen’s Classic

Springtime Madness is about to start!

Next weekend we will be hitting the road again for a series of Spring shows – we are more than ready for some warmer temperatures, not having to scrape the windows on the car in the morning, and getting to have a cup of coffee outside in the sunshine.

Which makes it quite a nice thing, that the Spring Craftsmen’s Classic in Columbia is right around the corner. It is always one of our nicer shows to participate in – much like a good family reunion, complete with lots of laughs, a tad of drama, and our favorite stalkers, all in one venue: the SC Fairgrounds.

There will be a huge range of handmade, original, creative artwork and crafts there – some good ole favorites, and some new, cutting edge things.

I will be unleashing some new Sheep Incognito paintings and prints there as well – gotta enlarge the flock, because much like a real flock of sheep, they just keep multiplying.

New kids (or lambs) on the block:

Into The Hills – a rather large landscape in oils, complete with my famous poppies and blue trees.

Into The Hills - Oils on Canvas

Into The Hills – Oils on Canvas


Pompous Ass

Pompous Ass - acrylics on canvas

Pompous Ass – acrylics on canvas


There might be a few others hanging out for the first time as well – ya just never know, with sheep.

Of course, while we are in Columbia, we will also be checking out the local eateries – our favorite part of any of our tours. From what I remember, there is an incredible sandwich shop with lines out the door in town – and, a brewery that has quite a large range of craft beers to try.

Hotels in town? the Marriott downtown seemed to be a pretty nice place to stay – the price was better than some of the other midrange hotels, they were quite good about customer service (computers down? Free dinner, free drinks while they work on the problem). One downside: the noise level on Saturday night out on the street was a bit distracting after a long day at the show – but then again: maybe we should have joined the party instead.

So if you need something to inspire you next weekend, come visit us at the Sheep Incognito booth at the Craftsmen’s Classics in Columbia, SC – we’d love to introduce you to some new sheepish smiles! (And if we are really lucky, our favorite stalker will be there with his camera again – maybe we can all photobomb together :o)) )





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Sheep Incognito Are Heading to Jacksonville, Fl

This weekend, the Sheep Incognito will finish off a very busy year at the Christmas Made in the South Show – your final chance for 2013 to get face-to-face with my Sheep Incognito originals (unless of course you buy one for Christmas or just because).

We loved meeting all of ewe out there, and hope to see you at one of our shows in 2014.

Keep your eyeballs peeled and your email spamfilter checked: we will be sending out a newsletter soon, that will contain information about new paintings, and more importantly, the studio sale coming up soon.

Sign up for the newsletter on the website, follow the Sheep Incognito flock on Facebook, or just keep watching here!

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Winding Down the Year

After being in more States than I care to remember, setting up more shows than I can count, and meeting more people than live in my town, we are finally getting to the last event of this year – it’s the big one!

For a few more days, the Sheep Incognito Flock will be hanging out at the always phenomenal Southern Christmas Show at the Charlotte Expo Center. 12 Days of five buildings filled with any- and everything you might possibly associate with the holiday season. Comes complete with live music, roasted nuts, mulled cider, Dickens attired folk, and the new Sheep Incognito Christmas Painting “Fleece Navidad”.

You don’t want to miss out on this one!

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Last Day at the Roanoke Civic Center Craftsmen’s Classics Tomorrow

Fall Tour Season Has Begun!

After a very sandy and windy show at this year’s Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach, and a big flood that shut the show early at the St James Court Art Show in Louisville, we are really excited that we are done with outdoor shows for this year.
Summer this year was weird. Out of all the shows we did, only two were without excessive heat or excessive rain – which of course took a huge chunk out of sales as well…
After the rain last week, we were sure a lot of my work would be completely destroyed after a few days in the trailer – but we got lucky.

So we made it to the Craftsmen’s Classic In Roanoke, VA to reconnect with long-time fellow “Carnies”, Artists, and Crafts people, as well as owners of my Sheep Incognito flock of art pieces.

It’s so lovely to meet smiling faces, catch up with everybody, and see what is happening in other people’s lives.
And of course, there is always a bit of gossip involved. My favorite tidbit this weekend: my ex had been claiming that my paintings were his, and that I only painted because of him.
I was not the only one laughing about that one….

Anyway- as always, good fun, good times, and, good things are to be had here in Roanoke this weekend.
Admission is free. Free. No cost. And, bring a food donation for the foodbank.

My two favorite booths this year: right beside us is fellow artist Ayenne Applebaum – she makes the most beautiful porcelain and clay pottery sculptures of coral reef and whimsical vessels. Love her stuff! And, she’s a lovely lady to get to hang out with – I love people that think!

The other booth is a brand new addition to the show circuit – a photographer that does local Roanoke images, but in a contemporary style. His booth was packed all day long…he looked exhausted by the time evening came around.

Tomorrrow is the final day here – lots of new Sheep Incognito paintings, prints and giclées, along with the new Sheep Incognito Bling and the 2014 Calendars.

If you can’t make it here, you can always visit the website at Charisma-Art.Com

The best prices will still be at the show though…drop us a line, introduce yourself, or let us know how your life works – we love getting connected with you!

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The Big Ann Arbor Art Fair

We finally made it into the famed Ann Arbor Art Fair – we’ve heard soooo many good things about it, we simply had to give it a try.

It is one of the top three art fairs in the nation, certainly ome of the biggest with over 1200 artists exhibiting their work.

Today is the first day – it is Wednesday – it is Very warm today. But apparently that is not a deterrent for the visitors, they are still meandering, even though it’s in the mid nineties.

Us? We are camped in front of the fan, which seems to only make hot air. Someone turn off the heater!

If you are looking for us in Ann Arbor- look on Liberty Street, in front of Jack’s, between 4th $ 5th Streets, Booth 274.

Back to the fan – it’S what is helping us survive


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