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This week has been a lot of this it seems – at least in my head.

In reality, it has been a bit of a hustle, trying to catch up after weeks on the road.
Amazing how a house can accumulate stuff, even when you are not looking.
What does one do with all the odds and ends that keep wandering in? The stacks and stacks of mail, the junk kind and the other kind – the random things, like the recycled shopping bags, of which at some point, one has too many. Toss or keep?
The really cool book I found – keep it? Toss it? Sell it? (Selling sounds great – but I have a hunch that right now EVERYBODY is trying to sell their things…who does one sell unwanted items to, if they are unwanted not just by me, but by humanity in general?).

Every now and then I fantasize about just taking a few clothes, one pot, one pan, one plate, one fork, one chair, one bed, one little table, and just finding a small cottage in the woods to just do “Just Lion Around” all. Day. Long.

But until then, the hustle is real and continues…you can, of course help follow that dream by shopping online in my store.
Makes ewe AND me smile….lol

Just Lion Around Prints and Giclée reproductions on canvas.

TWICE AS NICE limited edition of 300 prints with Title

Got “Double Trouble”? Or “Twice As Nice”?

Regardless of the personalities, two is usually better than one – especially if we are talking about twin baby sheep.

I kept this one gender-neutral, so it will fit with any nursery décor and “twin-configuration”.

This print comes in 5 sizes, each size limited to 300 prints made, each one signed and numbered individually.

Thses are printed in my studio in South Carolina, so quality anc colors will be up to the high standards you are used to from the Sheep Incognito flock.

Keep watching here for more of the most popular Sheep Incognito prints now coming to Etsy – ewe might just find exactly the right thing to make your heart smile!

BEE EWE Limited Edition Prints With Title NEW!

After a bit of a hiatus, the Sheep Incognito are baaaahck in the Etsy Store- with a fresh new look, and now with titles on the prints, so ewe won’t have to guess at the hidden meanings of the flock.

These are produced in a limited edition of 300, each one individually sifned by me, and numbered.

These fit standard sized frames (frame is not included) , and is available in 5 different sizes.

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NEW TODAY! 2020 Sheep Incognito Limited Edition Wall Calendars Are Live!

Fresh from the press – shipping starts May 10th, 2019!

The new 2020 Sheep Incognito Limited Edition Wall Calendar is in print, and will be shipping beginning May 10th, 2019.

These are printed in a very limited edition of 600, so ensure that you get yours before they all meander to someone else’s meadows!
You can order them on the Charisma Art Gallery website here: SNAG A CALENDAR NOW!

And, to make your early holiday shopping much, much easier, there is a “Flock Discount” in place, too!
Get a flock of 3 for $17 each, a flock of 5 for $15 each – see? Easy Peasy.

Celebrate lots of whacky holidays, because every day in life should be celebrated with happiness – lots of new weird ones, and some of the same old, same old, too. Traditions are not always a bad thing, really.

So come join the sheepish thing at the Sheep Incognito Nation!

A New Sheep Incognito Painting in the Studio

Painting, listening to some music, and possibly a bit of “Clutzy White Girl Dancing” going on…

TITLE: Family Tree”

SIZE: 24″ x 24″

MEDIA: Acrylics on Board

There might be some yarn going on later, as well…. oops, dropped the brush, while doing a little jerky slide with the toonage…this might become an abstract painting in the end.


Check out my #sheepincognito Facebook page, too, for more of my flock!

Come See The New(e) Flock…Um, Pack, I meant

So this is new:

Because counting sheep is good an all, but at times I do need a break from doing the same thing all the time…I’ve started painting people’s pets – and they’ve been quite popular so far (so much so, that I tend to have a waiting list 5 deep).

Here is the new website, where you can see some samples, or even order your own custom portrait of your little hound, or lazy kitty (or, your iguana, alpaca, llama, bunny, goldfish, or pet tarantula).

All you need, are a few photos of your pet – I will do the rest…using your photos, I create that perfect setting of your pet(s), which I then use as a reference for the final digital painting. The finished piece is then produced on canvas, with added brushstrokes to add a sparkle to their eye and a bit of texture to the canvas.

What do you think? Any wise words of advice on how to make them better? And, what are your thoughts about the new website? Does it seem to work for you, or do I need to update things to make it easier to use?
I am definitely not a web designer, so this is the first time I’ve made a site without some geekish intervention…hopefully it isn’t a disaster.