Last Day at the Roanoke Civic Center Craftsmen’s Classics Tomorrow

Fall Tour Season Has Begun!

After a very sandy and windy show at this year’s Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach, and a big flood that shut the show early at the St James Court Art Show in Louisville, we are really excited that we are done with outdoor shows for this year.
Summer this year was weird. Out of all the shows we did, only two were without excessive heat or excessive rain – which of course took a huge chunk out of sales as well…
After the rain last week, we were sure a lot of my work would be completely destroyed after a few days in the trailer – but we got lucky.

So we made it to the Craftsmen’s Classic In Roanoke, VA to reconnect with long-time fellow “Carnies”, Artists, and Crafts people, as well as owners of my Sheep Incognito flock of art pieces.

It’s so lovely to meet smiling faces, catch up with everybody, and see what is happening in other people’s lives.
And of course, there is always a bit of gossip involved. My favorite tidbit this weekend: my ex had been claiming that my paintings were his, and that I only painted because of him.
I was not the only one laughing about that one….

Anyway- as always, good fun, good times, and, good things are to be had here in Roanoke this weekend.
Admission is free. Free. No cost. And, bring a food donation for the foodbank.

My two favorite booths this year: right beside us is fellow artist Ayenne Applebaum – she makes the most beautiful porcelain and clay pottery sculptures of coral reef and whimsical vessels. Love her stuff! And, she’s a lovely lady to get to hang out with – I love people that think!

The other booth is a brand new addition to the show circuit – a photographer that does local Roanoke images, but in a contemporary style. His booth was packed all day long…he looked exhausted by the time evening came around.

Tomorrrow is the final day here – lots of new Sheep Incognito paintings, prints and giclées, along with the new Sheep Incognito Bling and the 2014 Calendars.

If you can’t make it here, you can always visit the website at Charisma-Art.Com

The best prices will still be at the show though…drop us a line, introduce yourself, or let us know how your life works – we love getting connected with you!

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