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Fiddler On The Woof PRINTS

A throwback to the good ole musical days
– having a singing friend is awesome, and sometimes just a little oppressing…


Fiddler on the Woof

Fiddler on the Woof

Fiddler On The Woof PRINTS

An original digital painting by american contemporary artist Conni Togel


Source: Fiddler On The Woof PRINTS


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FLOWERCHILD Original Oil Painting

FLOWERCHILD Original Oil Painting – now available on the Charisma Art Gallery website

A little hippie sheep for the hippie in ewe – painted on canvas using professional-grade oils, with loads of texture, vibrant colors, and a big dash of sweetness. Great for a baby room, or your favorite flowerchild in your life…which, by the way, might just be an adult that loves flowers as much as I do.

11 Inches x 14 Inches, framed in a black, cube-style gallery frame.
Ships via USPS Priority Mail


Flowerchild Original Oil Painting by Sheep Incognito Artist Conni Tögel

Source: Flowerchild Original Oil Painting

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The Newest Digital Painting From My Studio – KITTIES!

Arielle and Kitties digital pet painting

“Arielle” and Her Kitties digital painting by ©conni tögel


Just finished another commissioned Original Pet Portrait Painting, painted with digital media…I am just loving this new painting process – It is portable. It’s clean. It’s fun. And, I can use the same techniques and colors I use for my oil and acrylic paintings without having to set up an easel or wash out paintbrushes. The process is actually quite a bit slower, but more rewarding.

Just click here, if you want me to paint your pet’s portrait as well:

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New Custom Pet Portraits!

New on my website today: Custom Pet Portraits by Conni Togel

Pet owners usually have a close connection to their little home-owners – whether cat, dog, chicken, pig, snake, or possum, all have a special place in the hearts of the family they live with.

What could be better than having them displayed peacefully, and colorful as a piece of art in your home. Less smelly, more smiley!

Once You’ve place your order, send me some images of your critter, and I’ll get to work creating a painting you can treasure forever…

Custom Pet Portraits on the Charisma Art Gallery Website

Example of Custom Pet Portrait



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NEW on the Sheep Incognito Website Today!

Hanging By A Thread

The Sheep Incognito Original Oil Painting “Hanging By A Thread” now Discounted!

Click here to snag the best deal of the year on one of my Sheep Incognito original oil paintings:

Hanging By A Thread

Hanging By A Thread

As always, I can do a layaway for this original Sheep Incognito oil painting – 25% down, the rest in equal installments over 6-9 months…

Perfect for the fiber artist in your home, your yarn shop, or your museum collection of fine art – all those places need smiles!


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DANCING WITH THE STARS – original oils on canvas NEW!


Dancing with the Stars


Dancing with the Stars

DANCING WITH THE STARS – Original Oil Painting by Conni Tögel

A new Sheep Incognito has joined the fold:
TITLE: Dancing with the Stars
SIZE: 9″ x 12″
MEDIA: oils on canvas

PRICE: $425 +tax +shipping


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A New Sheep On The Block


There’s a New Frog Painting of Sheep Incognito in Town!

Fresh off the easel, and new in the Sheep Incognito online store, is another knitting painting, titled “Frog It All”.

The Original Painting was done in oils on a fat, gallery wrapped, square canvas.

Have a look:

Frog It All Original Oils on Canvas by ©Conni Togel/ Sheep Incognito/Charisma Art Gallery LLC 2015

Frog It All
Original Oils on Canvas by ©Conni Togel/ Sheep Incognito/Charisma Art Gallery LLC 2015


Frog It All Original Oils on Canvas ©Conni Togel/ Sheep Incognito/ Charisma Art Gallery LLC

Frog It All
Original Oils on Canvas
©Conni Togel/ Sheep Incognito/ Charisma Art Gallery LLC 2015


SIZE: 24″ x 24″ x 3″

PRICE: $2,200.00

It is available for purchase by clicking on this link

We also offer prints on paper in double mats and hand-embellished giclée reproductions on canvas in standard frame sizes on the website – just hop on over to visit the Sheep Incognito flock of prints to start your own flock of the fun, sweet, and whimsical Sheep Incognito by Conni Togel.


Of course, you can always contact us at the studio  – we love hearing from ewe!

You can keep up with studio happenings by visiting the artist’s Facebook page and clicking the like/follow buttons.

New shows are being added continuously – check out the EVENT CALENDAR for upcoming shows, festivals, and exhibits with Sheep Incognito coming to your area.

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WIP: Stock Car At the Richmond Raceway

We are at the Richmond Raceway Complex this weekend for the 30th Craftsmen’s Classics Arts & Crafts Show.

Which of course is the perfect environment for some more work on the new Sheep Incognito painting
“Stock Car”.

This one is much more work than I bargained for – progress has been slow, and there are sections I’ve repainted about five or more times.
Which has to do with me not liking to work with acrylics, and the fact that details are not my specialty at all.

This has been a bit of a mind- altering project for me in a way: where is the finish line on a painting? Is a painting ever really finished, or is each session the beginning of a new artistic path?

Here is the current status of “Stock Car” – it is 16 inches x 16 inches, acrylics on canvas, and the unframed painting is priced at $795.

We will have giclee prints of it available , both on paper and on canvas.

Email me if you would like to offer Stock Car a living home – I have a waiting list in place, but it is still short enough to give you a good chance of owning the original painting.



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WIP – Back at the easel

BACK TO WORK – WIP “Ewe’s My Sunshine

We made it through this year’s Springtime shows in Florida, just in time for a bit more seasonal weather than we’ve had so far this year. Florida was colder than I ever remember it being for the past ten shows there – so hopefully that will statistically give us warmer temperatures for next year’s shows there.

With the rain and the cooler temperatures, we did not get to do a lot of venturing that we had planned to be doing this year  – we spent quite a bit of time indoors, trying to dry out damp jackets and socks from the few times we did manage to go out.

We also spent quite a bit of time in mechanics shops – the mobile studio RV we travel in was having some severe digestion problems, causing it to stall out in the middle of traffic (always exciting to be the jackass at the front of the traffic jam in rush hour at a major intersection and be stuck there for 20 minutes or more.) We managed to oggle our way home with lots of stops on the way, so next week will no doubt bring more of that along with some major costs for repairs. But still – would not trade my job for the world. We meet quite a few “successful” people – stressed about their retirement funds they are trying to fill so they can do what we do when they are too old to enjoy it…I’ll take that pay cut and do things now instead.

My retirement fund is non-existent – might buy me a burger when I retire.
My investment fund – I think I remember having one, but don’t know if any of the companies are still alive. I prefer to invest in my kids instead.
My savings – hmmm…I think those went to the ex to buy my freedom from him.

My way of life – “disorderly”, “uncommon”, “unprecise”, “unplanned”, and “adventuresome” – yep. And what I was planning to do when my retirement fund was filled, my investment fund was doing well, my savings were enough to live on, and my kids were all grown.
I’ve decided life does not wait for you to accomplish things – you are meant to live, and roll with what comes your way. That is what I am doing. For better or for worse.

So in keeping with that, I’ve been spending some time in the studio again (liking the look of the word “Studio” much better than the word “Cubicle” for myself) – here is the status of the Work-In-Progress “Ewe’s My Sunshine”:

Ewe's My Sunshine

Ewe’s My Sunshine


The purple will be mostly covered by extra white wool, the sun will be more defined and a bit lighter. So far, I’m liking his face – makes me happy to see him sitting on my easel when I walk into the studio.


If you have not been to my facebook page yet – here is the link:

It is often easier for me to update the facebook page, than my blog here, because I can do that via my iphone. So your best bet is to go visit there as well for updates, specials etc.

Right now, we have the Sheep Incognito Spring Fling 2014 going on – search Twitter for #SISpringFling for special discounts on original paintings, out of print giclées, prints, etc.

If you are a yarn shop owner, contact me at to inquire about our affiliate program.


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