A Laugh and a Cry

Saying Good-Bye To One Of My Favorites

they say paintings come from the artist’s heart, and there will always be strings attached, when you sell the original painting.

In this particular case, I tend to agree – one of my most popular and recognizable paintings, “Thinking Outside The Box” has meandered on to a new home a few weeks ago.

Picture 25

Granted, it was a trade for some completely awesome work by Mauro Pozzobonelli (his work is phenomenal – reminiscent of old pieces of Venice and Florence architecture) that will be hanging in my livingroom and inspiring me for years to come – but nonetheless, there is always a tug at my heart when I see someone walk out of my booth with one of my originals.

Then again, this just makes space for new work – new ideas – new processes – new attachments…it’s a never ending circle; and, it is what keeps artists creating to put a new face on space in the world. There are definitely worse jobs to have…

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