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NEW on the Sheep Incognito Website Today!

Hanging By A Thread

The Sheep Incognito Original Oil Painting “Hanging By A Thread” now Discounted!

Click here to snag the best deal of the year on one of my Sheep Incognito original oil paintings:

Hanging By A Thread

Hanging By A Thread

As always, I can do a layaway for this original Sheep Incognito oil painting – 25% down, the rest in equal installments over 6-9 months…

Perfect for the fiber artist in your home, your yarn shop, or your museum collection of fine art – all those places need smiles!


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A Different Kind of Christmas

Celebrating Christmas usually is my favorite time of the year – the lights, buying presents for loved ones, the food, the times together playing games, watching movies, doing puzzles, and laughing…

This year, all that was toned wayyy down in our house – a sick mom is really no fun for anyone…I spent five days sick on the couch, with no energy to do much of anything. The kids were troopers, and very caring and condiserate – but I know they missed the hubbub and joyful atmosphere we usually have in the house…

So the question is: fake it to make them happy, or just go with what is, and see it in contrast to the happier christmasses we’ve celebrated before and will be celebrating again?

Never quite sure what the better approach is for that…the good part is, that I am slowly on the mend and gaining a bit of energy back. We are making the most of the few days during christmas break to do all the things we had planned for Christmas…

And who knows, I might even get some painting done this coming week – it’s been a long while since I’ve had a chance to work in my studio.

New Year’s Eve will be a marathon of Hobbitses, Dwarves, and Elves – can hardly wait…

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A Laugh and a Cry

Saying Good-Bye To One Of My Favorites

they say paintings come from the artist’s heart, and there will always be strings attached, when you sell the original painting.

In this particular case, I tend to agree – one of my most popular and recognizable paintings, “Thinking Outside The Box” has meandered on to a new home a few weeks ago.

Picture 25

Granted, it was a trade for some completely awesome work by Mauro Pozzobonelli (his work is phenomenal – reminiscent of old pieces of Venice and Florence architecture) that will be hanging in my livingroom and inspiring me for years to come – but nonetheless, there is always a tug at my heart when I see someone walk out of my booth with one of my originals.

Then again, this just makes space for new work – new ideas – new processes – new attachments…it’s a never ending circle; and, it is what keeps artists creating to put a new face on space in the world. There are definitely worse jobs to have…

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