Dancing with the Stars


Dancing with the Stars

DANCING WITH THE STARS – Original Oil Painting by Conni Tögel

A new Sheep Incognito has joined the fold:
TITLE: Dancing with the Stars
SIZE: 9″ x 12″
MEDIA: oils on canvas

PRICE: $425 +tax +shipping





The traveling sheep of maaahem are on the road again…this time in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico

It seems to be a tradition every summer: we head west with the Sheep Incognito mobile gallery to bring smiles to the western side of the Nation…on the way, we tend to encounter a bit of bad weather, a bit of car problems, and adventures galore.

This year we decided to tone things down a bit: the weather was rainy, but not horrific.IMG_8062

The car behaved for the most part, except for the part where it blew a hole in the radiator hose coming down I-70 in pouring rain/snow. And did the same thing two days later. But, gracious car repair guys fixed it for free – another just charged us a minor amount to fix it. Both times, we were in the best possible places. So this HAS been better than in years past. We are counting blessings here.


We spent some time visiting Mesa Verde National Park, stopping at Arches National Park for some collection of new inspirational material for new paintings and art projects we have planned.
We discovered that in fact, sometimes staying on the trail can be life-saving (we almost fell off a cliff, after missing a crucial turning point in the hiking trail we were following…yikes!).


Living in suburbia, one really forgets how huge – and beautiful – this country really is…there is a LOT of space here, where in theory everybody can live in peace, without being bothered by someone else. It makes local shootings, racist killings, drugs, and crime seem even more pointless.

After a few days of desert meanderings, shooting more pictures than our camera chips could hole, we headed back to work…We made it to the Estes Park Wool Market – just as the show started, due to some interstate closures, a detour of 6 hours, and some torrential rain combined with a busted radiator hose. So thankful for show managers that are patient and understanding with this flock of maaahem than rains down on them every year…


The Wool Market was a fun one – we had great neighbors again, this time beside Theresa & Ron Miskin of the Buffalo Wool Co., purveyors of everything “buffalo-ey” in terms of fiber/apparel/fun things. We love seeing everybody every year – not being home does not let us build a “normal” social life, so on the road, encountering people we know is much like a family reunion – minus the drunk uncle dancing on the table (for the most part).

Because of convenience on the location’s part, and laziness on our part, we stayed in the same building to continue our stay in Estes Park for the Rocky Mountain Irish Festival. A festival that hopefully will turn into a huge event as the years go by – it’s the perfect pairing for us and the Sheep Incognito flock to be for the summer.

Sheep Incognito on tour


Soon we will head home, ready for other places, faces, and spaces – with lots of fun, exciting, sometimes scary memories in our luggage…our next stop will me Michigan in July – we are already prepping our fans and a/c systems to withstand the heat waves there. Bring a mop, when you come to the show…




There’s a New Frog Painting of Sheep Incognito in Town!

Fresh off the easel, and new in the Sheep Incognito online store, is another knitting painting, titled “Frog It All”.

The Original Painting was done in oils on a fat, gallery wrapped, square canvas.

Have a look:

Frog It All Original Oils on Canvas by ©Conni Togel/ Sheep Incognito/Charisma Art Gallery LLC 2015

Frog It All
Original Oils on Canvas by ©Conni Togel/ Sheep Incognito/Charisma Art Gallery LLC 2015


Frog It All Original Oils on Canvas ©Conni Togel/ Sheep Incognito/ Charisma Art Gallery LLC

Frog It All
Original Oils on Canvas
©Conni Togel/ Sheep Incognito/ Charisma Art Gallery LLC 2015


SIZE: 24″ x 24″ x 3″

PRICE: $2,200.00

It is available for purchase by clicking on this link

We also offer prints on paper in double mats and hand-embellished giclée reproductions on canvas in standard frame sizes on the website – just hop on over to visit the Sheep Incognito flock of prints to start your own flock of the fun, sweet, and whimsical Sheep Incognito by Conni Togel.


Of course, you can always contact us at the studio  – we love hearing from ewe!

You can keep up with studio happenings by visiting the artist’s Facebook page and clicking the like/follow buttons.

New shows are being added continuously – check out the EVENT CALENDAR for upcoming shows, festivals, and exhibits with Sheep Incognito coming to your area.

Dances With Wools PRINT

COMING TO WEST FRIENDSHIP MD THIS WEEKEND: The Sheep Incognito by Conni Tögel flock of fun and funny sheep paintings, such as the best-seller, DANCES WITH WOOLS

Also available as prints on paper and canvas in various sizes on the website



Popular Sheep Incognito Art Returning to Richmond, VA for the Spring Craftsmen’s Classics

Once again, the popular flock of Sheep Incognito paintings by american contemporary artist Conni Togel is returning to the International Raceway in Richmond for the annual Spring Craftsmen’s Classics Arts & Crafts Festival this weekend.

Dates and hours:

March 13, 2015– Fri. (Hours: 10am – 8pm)
March 14, 2015– Sat. (Hours: 10am – 6pm)
March 15, 2015– Sun. (Hours: 11am – 5pm)

New paintings in her hugely successful series of whacky sheep painting include “THREE SHEEPS TO THE WIND”, “HORSE FLY”, “STILTED KILTS” and others.

In addition to the popular prints in standard sizes, there will be more merchandise in the booth, including mugs, t-shirts, calendars, and necklaces.

The artist can be contacted here:
sheep Incognito by Conni Togel


Check the calendar for New Sheep Incognito Events Added for 2015

I just added a few new events to our lineup for 2015 – among them some of the nation’s largest Irish Festivals…


here is the link to my Event Calendar:

Prices at the shows are a bit lower than on my website, and, you won’t have to pay for shipping on items we have at the mobile gallery.

Also, the mobile Gallery is pretty much the only place where you can snag the newest collector’s cards – we only print a small batch of each card, and they will not be re-printed. They fit neatly into a standard collecting album, so you can start your own mini flock of Sheep Incognito to carry around for a smile on the go.

Come on by for a visit – the Sheep Incognito flock is sure to be somewhere near ewe soon!