this is a new painting I’ve started on this weekend – we have two shows happening this weekend in Nappanee, Indiana (Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival), and in Dublin, Ohio (Dublin Irish Festival), so we needed to beef up the walls of the booth…



Size: 24″ x 48″

Media: Oils on canvas


Starting with a quick sketch of Burnt Umber thinned with orange oil, I first established the general shape and figure, then painted the background in.

Initially I thought a black sheep would be the best, but with the background being a bit darker, the contrast will be to weak – so I am adding a warmer, wool colored touch to the sheep, to make it look less cold and stand out more.



Close-up of "Grasshopper"

“GrassHopper” close-up by Conni Togel



Finally – Sheep Incognito hit the road again!

Forced vacations sometimes are good events – especially those that involve the Sheep Incognito flock getting stuck in Colorado….

We seem to have found possibly the best car repair shop west ofthe Mississippi in Loveland Colorado: Stan’s Auto Service not only got the RV rolling again, but they were fantastic people to work with, and, for the first time in a year, the follow-up mechanic wasn’t shaking his head in despair at what crimes to the RV his predecessor had committed…in fact, he said “that was an excellent repair job they did”.
Miracles DO happen.

So, not only did we make it home from Colorado, we’ve also made it up to Pennsylvania for the 4th of July Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival, and are heading to the Plymouth, MI Art in the Park Festival for this weekend.

Maybe we’ve finally turned the page to actually getting some time to paint and create, instead of sitting in repair shop waiting areas…

We are pretty excited!

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While we *should* be on the road home to South Carolina, we instead are parked in front of a car shop again…this time in Loveland, Colorado with a cracked cylinder head and a cracked manifold.

Hopefully they will get us on the road again by Tuesday evening – we should have been in Corolla Island for an art show las Tuesday already…this testing my patience for sure.,

So right now, the status is “we should have you on the road by tonight”.

But I’m not sure I am buying that…

Nonetheless – we are aiming to be in Latrobe, PA for the Westmoreland Arts and Heritage Festival for the 4th of July.
Let’s see if that can be done.

For now, here’s a memory I’ll share of this trip:


Trail Ridge Rd in RMNP in Colorado – top of the world here


Maaahem hits the Sheep Incognito Flock again – OyVey.

Why is it, that despite our best efforts, the Sheep Incognito flock seems to have a knack for making sure life stays exciting around here?

This time, we actually got everything loaded into the trailer on time — we just had the rv repaired, and managed to have it two days ahead of time, rather than last minute — the weather was just right for working outside to load — we had everything ready to go — and, we even managed to pull out of the driveway on time. We made it through Atlanta rush-hour without too much trouble, and got quite a ways up the road.

Until there was a pop, and a loud roaring from the engine – which sounded very much like the exhaust leak we had just gotten repaired.

We pulled into a truck stop, and discovered that in fact the repaired part had completely disconnected from the engine – something about an EGR line…so we spent the remainder of the evening looking for someone to come fix this for us. Friday night. Everybody is closed. And we are supposed to be in Franklin, Tennessee about two hours away about an hour ago. Not good.

After finally giving up on getting things done for the night, we discovered the wheel on the Trailer had miraculously decided NOT to fall off while we were driving – definitely a silver lining to the situation, as we apparently are not good learners, and did not grease the bearings on time to prevent the damage.

So we missed our show in Franklin – that is a financial problem, along with a status problem for next year’s show. No-shows are not looked kindly upon, not matter what the circumstances are, I believe.

So we’ve been sitting here at the truck stop since Friday evening – we cannot stomach any more food at Denny’s. And we are still waiting for parts to get the car fixed – downside of older car: no parts available.

We are supposed to be in Maryland for the MD Sheep & Woool Festival on Friday. All fingers crossed for that.

In the meantime, we have sat under a huge oak tree playing cards, watching the birds, meeting other rv’ers, eating apple crumble with coffee, and watching Netflix – such a hard life.
So today we work a bit – get things ready for Maryland, and wait to see if the guy that is supposedly picking up the part at 2:30 this afternoon actually shows up to get us rolling again.

The Sheep Incognito flock of paintings in the trailer are just patiently waiting to meet new friends – we will be doing our best to get there one way or another – we might need to wind up renting a van or somesuch…

Off to have breakfast – dry cereal, no Denny’s.





Back in the Studio for a bit of painting – with a new one on the easel:

“Birds Of A Feather”.

Completed the initial sketch, not a bit of drying time, and then I’ll start adding the colors. This will be a new knitting painting for all my knitting, spinning, crocheting, weaving, sheep breeding, and Sheep Incognito friends. Of course, birding friends might like this one as well – though I’m not sure what breed these birds are…Kni-Twits?


Click the following link to follow along with the progress on the Sheep Incognito by Conni Togel Facebook page



We are at the Richmond Raceway Complex this weekend for the 30th Craftsmen’s Classics Arts & Crafts Show.

Which of course is the perfect environment for some more work on the new Sheep Incognito painting
“Stock Car”.

This one is much more work than I bargained for – progress has been slow, and there are sections I’ve repainted about five or more times.
Which has to do with me not liking to work with acrylics, and the fact that details are not my specialty at all.

This has been a bit of a mind- altering project for me in a way: where is the finish line on a painting? Is a painting ever really finished, or is each session the beginning of a new artistic path?

Here is the current status of “Stock Car” – it is 16 inches x 16 inches, acrylics on canvas, and the unframed painting is priced at $795.

We will have giclee prints of it available , both on paper and on canvas.

Email me if you would like to offer Stock Car a living home – I have a waiting list in place, but it is still short enough to give you a good chance of owning the original painting.




Just Finished and fresh off the easel:

Title: ” Ewe’s Maaah Sunshine”
Size: 18″x24″
Medium: oils on canvas

Email me to to purchase…

Prints will be available beginning March 20th, 2014 on the SHEEP INCOGNITO WEBSITE



Springtime Madness is about to start!

Next weekend we will be hitting the road again for a series of Spring shows – we are more than ready for some warmer temperatures, not having to scrape the windows on the car in the morning, and getting to have a cup of coffee outside in the sunshine.

Which makes it quite a nice thing, that the Spring Craftsmen’s Classic in Columbia is right around the corner. It is always one of our nicer shows to participate in – much like a good family reunion, complete with lots of laughs, a tad of drama, and our favorite stalkers, all in one venue: the SC Fairgrounds.

There will be a huge range of handmade, original, creative artwork and crafts there – some good ole favorites, and some new, cutting edge things.

I will be unleashing some new Sheep Incognito paintings and prints there as well – gotta enlarge the flock, because much like a real flock of sheep, they just keep multiplying.

New kids (or lambs) on the block:

Into The Hills – a rather large landscape in oils, complete with my famous poppies and blue trees.

Into The Hills - Oils on Canvas

Into The Hills – Oils on Canvas


Pompous Ass

Pompous Ass - acrylics on canvas

Pompous Ass – acrylics on canvas


There might be a few others hanging out for the first time as well – ya just never know, with sheep.

Of course, while we are in Columbia, we will also be checking out the local eateries – our favorite part of any of our tours. From what I remember, there is an incredible sandwich shop with lines out the door in town – and, a brewery that has quite a large range of craft beers to try.

Hotels in town? the Marriott downtown seemed to be a pretty nice place to stay – the price was better than some of the other midrange hotels, they were quite good about customer service (computers down? Free dinner, free drinks while they work on the problem). One downside: the noise level on Saturday night out on the street was a bit distracting after a long day at the show – but then again: maybe we should have joined the party instead.

So if you need something to inspire you next weekend, come visit us at the Sheep Incognito booth at the Craftsmen’s Classics in Columbia, SC – we’d love to introduce you to some new sheepish smiles! (And if we are really lucky, our favorite stalker will be there with his camera again – maybe we can all photobomb together :o)) )






TIKI BAAAH Original Sheep Incognito Painting Has Been Found Again!

Update on the missing “Tiki Baaah” original painting:

We’ve located the missing painting! Someone had bought it at an auction, and contacted me to inquire about pricing and a bit of info on it. Through that buyer, I was able to contact the auction place, and find out what exactly had happened. Apparently, it was packaged in a separate box from the rest of the shipment with some other pieces, and the address label had gone missing.
The company specializes in tracking down ownership of lost packages for Fedex, etc. – they were very helpful in getting everything sorted out, paid for, and settled. I even got one of my other pieces back as well.

So all is well – if you are interested in the original “Tiki Baaah” painting, I can check with those buyers, how much they are asking or put you in contact with them.

I still do limited edition, hand-embellished giclée prints of “Tiki Baaah” – so if you would rather have one of those, just message me here through FB…it is NOT listed on the website yet…

Tiki Baaah

Tiki Baaah