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Digital Painting – Traditional Method, New Media, New Trend?

Digital Painting – Traditional Method, New Media




Source: (1) a digital landscape I’ve been working on lately… – Presents The Art of Conni Togel

As part of my new line of art experience, I have been creating digital paintings on my ipad.
Using the same techniques I use on my original oil and acrylic paintings, these originals are all created using digital paint brushes within the painting applications on my ipad. I use the same pallet colors I would use in my studio, and I customize the digital brushes to make them “scrubby” looking like my worn out brushes in my studio are.
The process takes about the same time as my oil paintings take – but with the advantage of no drying time, no poisonous fumes to breath, no mess, total scaleability, total portability, vibrant colors without muddiness, and, well, I can paint in the car, in the kitchen, in bed, wherever. Huge bonus.

Once the digital painting is output onto canvas (I use archival quality inks and substrates that are warrantied for up to 200 years of lightfastness!), each painting is hand-embellished with highlights of real world brush strokes of acrylic paint (same colors that I used in the digital painting!). This adds a bit of texture that catches the light.

So – here is my question to you, dear reader:

Is this new media thing something that needs to fade into the wood (or plastic) work? Is this something that will continue to grow the art world into a new trend?

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Colorful Valley Original Oil Painting

A new landscape painting  – huge 24 inches x 48 inches, framed in my standard black, cube-style gallery frame. Email me for detail images, or to get more information on this piece:

Colorful Valley Original Oil Painting by Conni Tögel

Source: Colorful Valley Original Oil Painting

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Each year, Sheep Incognito brings out a new wall calendar – this year as a limited edition of 1000 in print. Here is how to make one yours:

Since 2007, Sheep Incognito have been bringing smiles to sheep aficionados, collectors, offices, and homes with their vibrant colors and slightly off-kilter humor.
And they are all geared up for 2017 already – the new 2017 Limited Edition Sheep Incognito Wall Calendar is now available on the Charisma Art Gallery website.

13 months of clean, whimsical, and very punny artwork, all about sheep in all their glory.

Yeah, Ewe want one – click here to snag one of these beauties

SHEEP INCOGNITO 2017 CALENDAR LE by artist Conni Togel

Source: SHEEP INCOGNITO 2017 CALENDAR Limited Edition

THIS WEEKEND! THE Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 2016!

This weekend: The always fabulous, always fun, always sheepy MD Sheep & Wool Festival – Don’t Miss It!


Here are the dates:

  • May 7 & 8, 2016
  • 9AM – 6PM Saturday
  • 9AM – 5PM Sunday
  • Howard County Fairgrounds, West Friendship, MD
  • No pets…please leave your dog at home


It IS my favorite festival of the year – can’t wait to get my “Sheep Fix”, and to see all the awesomeness that sheep bring to the world in general.

Come hang out with the Sheep Incognito flock in the outside North Vendor area, Booth N24.

FINISHED! – “HAULIN’ STASH” by Conni Togel


Source: FINISHED! – Sheep Incognito by Conni Togel

A New Sheep Incognito Original Oil Painting has joined the flock – and just in time for the always fantastic Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!

This vibrant painting is 18 Inches x 24 Inches on canvas, and can be framed using a standard size frame – or, I can frame it for ewe in one of our stylish black, cube-style gallery frames.

To make this one yours, please call me at the studio:(864)634-2150

As always, I love hearing from everybody – leave a comment!https:3.65244.38344439143/10154100232534144/?type=3

Drive With The Sheep Incognito

Get Yourself noticed on the road – add one of the vibrant Sheep Incognito license plates to the front of your car!

These are made out of sturdy white pvc – the image is basically melted into the plastic, so it does not fade, does not scratch easily, and it is guaranteed to last for years (unless, of course, you hit a tree or another car, or a moose, or a barn, …you get the idea…).
Mounts onto most cars on the front license plate holder – not all States allow front plates, others require registration plates on the front…

But, you can also put this anywhere else as well – mount it on doors. On Bathroom walls.
On refrigerators.
On fences…

They are weatherproof.

Click here to order License Plates on the Charisma Art Gallery website

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Source: Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival


2016 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

  • May 7 & 8, 2016
  • 9AM – 6PM Saturday
  • 9AM – 5PM Sunday
  • Howard County Fairgrounds, West Friendship, MD
  • No pets…please leave your dog at home

Come visit the Sheep Incognito flock at this year’s best Fiber Festival in the Nation!

We will be up in the North Vendor area, as usual – look for the big tent filled with fun, cute, and colorful Sheep Incognito artwork by Conni Togel! Bring your Ravelry friends, bring your significant other, bring your kids – do NOT bring your pets. Bring good walking shoes, bring your laundry money,bring a snack, bring some happiness – and hang out with thousands of people enjoying the peacefulness that only sheep can bring to the world. Truly a national treasure of an event!

#mdsw #sheepincognito #

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FLOWERCHILD Original Oil Painting

FLOWERCHILD Original Oil Painting – now available on the Charisma Art Gallery website

A little hippie sheep for the hippie in ewe – painted on canvas using professional-grade oils, with loads of texture, vibrant colors, and a big dash of sweetness. Great for a baby room, or your favorite flowerchild in your life…which, by the way, might just be an adult that loves flowers as much as I do.

11 Inches x 14 Inches, framed in a black, cube-style gallery frame.
Ships via USPS Priority Mail


Flowerchild Original Oil Painting by Sheep Incognito Artist Conni Tögel

Source: Flowerchild Original Oil Painting

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NEW Work In Progress

A New Painting In The Works at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival 2016

The Popular Sheep Incognito Flock By Artist Conni Togel Returns With New Flock Members

Walking through an art show, one expects to see art: big, abstract, colorful paintings. Intricate carved sculptures. pgotography with gorgeous images from around the World. Etchings, pottery, jewelry, paintings, glass pieces – all of it a beautiful reminder of the creativity in all of us.

And then Sheep happened.

Sheep Incognito, to be precise. A flock of paintings in dazzling, vibrant colors. Memorable images. Cute Sheep. 

And then there are the captions to the paintings: they take what might look like an illustration for a cute children’s book and twist it to the social, political, and humor-filled commentary about humanity that only a flock of sheep can convey accurately – and in a way that makes ewe smile.

and most definitely not what one expects to see at a fine art show – sheep don’t traditionally frequent places of high culture, but these are different.
For example this weekend:

A new painting is currently in the works at this year’s Doggwood Festival in Piedmont Park, at Booth 208, wher the Sheep Incognito flock is hanging out this weekend.

“The Good Sheep Hoarder” , acrylics on canvas, 12″x24″  will be in progress live at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival this weekend – Booth 208, near the Dog Park of Piedmont Park.

Come watch the magic in the making while I add more sheep than any shepherd can carry to this cute original acrylic painting


Revamping Some Drama


Art is never permanent – so in that vein, I have found one of my older landscapes, and am changing it to a more colorful place.

I think it will be happier that way…



Standing In The Light Original Oil Painting


I’ve added some colorful trees, and some texture so far.The sky will be reworked, and I think there needs to be a meadow happening in the foreground.

Comments and shares are always welcome!