This week has been a lot of this it seems – at least in my head.

In reality, it has been a bit of a hustle, trying to catch up after weeks on the road.
Amazing how a house can accumulate stuff, even when you are not looking.
What does one do with all the odds and ends that keep wandering in? The stacks and stacks of mail, the junk kind and the other kind – the random things, like the recycled shopping bags, of which at some point, one has too many. Toss or keep?
The really cool book I found – keep it? Toss it? Sell it? (Selling sounds great – but I have a hunch that right now EVERYBODY is trying to sell their things…who does one sell unwanted items to, if they are unwanted not just by me, but by humanity in general?).

Every now and then I fantasize about just taking a few clothes, one pot, one pan, one plate, one fork, one chair, one bed, one little table, and just finding a small cottage in the woods to just do “Just Lion Around” all. Day. Long.

But until then, the hustle is real and continues…you can, of course help follow that dream by shopping online in my store.
Makes ewe AND me smile….lol

Just Lion Around Prints and Giclée reproductions on canvas.