NEW TODAY! 2020 Sheep Incognito Limited Edition Wall Calendars Are Live!

Fresh from the press – shipping starts May 10th, 2019!

The new 2020 Sheep Incognito Limited Edition Wall Calendar is in print, and will be shipping beginning May 10th, 2019.

These are printed in a very limited edition of 600, so ensure that you get yours before they all meander to someone else’s meadows!
You can order them on the Charisma Art Gallery website here: SNAG A CALENDAR NOW!

And, to make your early holiday shopping much, much easier, there is a “Flock Discount” in place, too!
Get a flock of 3 for $17 each, a flock of 5 for $15 each – see? Easy Peasy.

Celebrate lots of whacky holidays, because every day in life should be celebrated with happiness – lots of new weird ones, and some of the same old, same old, too. Traditions are not always a bad thing, really.

So come join the sheepish thing at the Sheep Incognito Nation!