A Flock of Sheep for Christmas

Caravan to Baaathlehem

CARAVAN TO BAAATHLEHEM – A flock of Sheep on the way to Bethlehem


Because sheep seem to be very observant for the most part – unless there is corn involved, then they throw all caution to the wind – they noticed something amiss in the Christmas Story as we know it: the three wise guys. The gifts. They were all wrong for someone who supposedly was just born. Yes, the baby is a king. But in the world of sheep, even kings start out as little lambs. And those generally do not derive any kind of joy or excitement over little bits of gold, myrrh or frankincense…
Of course, nobody later wanted to mention rubber duckies, dinosaur eggs, or the mysterious contents of the box that the flock of sheep brought to the manger that special night. But it might be safe to assume that in fact, those might have been the best gifts of the event.
They just did not have the writing skills to keep records for the generations afterwards…that’s where the wise guys had the advantage: if the marketing guys say it was so, then that is what will be in the history books.

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Sheep know what good gifts look like – don’t be the one with the box of smelly wood bits this year…

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