The Lost Sheep Has Been Found!

TIKI BAAAH Original Sheep Incognito Painting Has Been Found Again!

Update on the missing “Tiki Baaah” original painting:

We’ve located the missing painting! Someone had bought it at an auction, and contacted me to inquire about pricing and a bit of info on it. Through that buyer, I was able to contact the auction place, and find out what exactly had happened. Apparently, it was packaged in a separate box from the rest of the shipment with some other pieces, and the address label had gone missing.
The company specializes in tracking down ownership of lost packages for Fedex, etc. – they were very helpful in getting everything sorted out, paid for, and settled. I even got one of my other pieces back as well.

So all is well – if you are interested in the original “Tiki Baaah” painting, I can check with those buyers, how much they are asking or put you in contact with them.

I still do limited edition, hand-embellished giclée prints of “Tiki Baaah” – so if you would rather have one of those, just message me here through FB…it is NOT listed on the website yet…

Tiki Baaah

Tiki Baaah

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