Stuck In Paradise

While we *should* be on the road home to South Carolina, we instead are parked in front of a car shop again…this time in Loveland, Colorado with a cracked cylinder head and a cracked manifold.

Hopefully they will get us on the road again by Tuesday evening – we should have been in Corolla Island for an art show las Tuesday already…this testing my patience for sure.,

So right now, the status is “we should have you on the road by tonight”.

But I’m not sure I am buying that…

Nonetheless – we are aiming to be in Latrobe, PA for the Westmoreland Arts and Heritage Festival for the 4th of July.
Let’s see if that can be done.

For now, here’s a memory I’ll share of this trip:


Trail Ridge Rd in RMNP in Colorado – top of the world here