New Shows with Sheep Incognito

We’ve added a few new shows this year’s lineup in 2015 – because sheep like to be in new pastures occasionally.

And this year, we decided to give some Irish/Scottish/Celtic Festivals a shot – after all, sheep are historically the most important animal for all those cultures.

For the sheep, those cultures are very important as well – it keeps them in high demand wherever they go. They just keep on being the best mowers for hilly, grassy areas. The ones that produce the best tasting butter, cheese, and milk. The creatures that provide warm, fuzzy clothes and warm, fuzzy feelings around the world.

So keep checking back for the updated show schedule, because we keep adding new events as the year progresses – we just might be right around the corner with some Sheep Incognito to make ewe smile!


Of course, sometimes you might need a bit of smiley Sheep Incognito artwork between shows in your area – we have just the right thing for you: Stop by the Sheep Incognito Sheep Shop at, and find prints, t-shirts, mugs, calendars, and jewelry to keep you happy until we see each other in person again.