Knit Happens!

Why Knitting on the Road Might be Bad for Ewe

Yesterday I rummaged through some of my unfinished knitting projects – which, yeah….none of them are finished. There are a lot of them.

And mostly, it seems my giving up point seems to be about a quarter of the way to the finishing point.

I am not sure what the psychologists say about that – I just consider it a new scientific discovery: my therapy   has a side effect of making me uneffective. Yup.

On this trip, I brought along one of my UFOs, just in case I find myself in the passenger seat on the road through Kansas again. ALWAYS bring something to look at while driving through Kansas (because: storm watching just makes you get caught in bad Kansas weather).

This painting is my prediction about how that will go for me this year – based on my experiences with watching the weather, and getting caught in it, I rather think the knitting in Kansas might wind up like this for me:


Oils on canvas, 11″x16″, framed, $495