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New in the Flock: “Mom’s World”

My kids are to this day the best thing I’ve ever accomplished – and they are now starting families of their own.

Three daughters – it seemed like a lot, when I was younger. Being a Stay-Home-Mom seemed like a lot. The messes in the house all day – every day. The bickering. The laundry – oh, the laundry! The sheer avalanche of smallish socks, that mysteriously lost their partners, never to be paired again (unless, of course, I threw out the lone socks…invariably, the other one would turn up again the next day…).

The sleepless nights filled with one, two or three crying kiddos (and sometimes a crying mom, too).

The very early morning wake-up call from the husband, traveling for business overseas, from his cushy, clean, expensive hotel, to complain how wronged he was, when his fancy steak in the restaurant the evening before was not cooked to perfection, the fluffy clean towels in the hotel room were too small, the conversation with the other adults there did not circle around his particular – and, even then, very strange interests…

It seemed like I was being buried, never to emerge again from an avalanche of, well, EVERYTHING.

but even in all of that, there were hugs from my girls. Snuggles in the morning. Teaparties with hats, and bears, and fishhie-crackers. Playground picnics. Hikes in the canyon, walks in the woods, butterflies, and horseback rides, bowling alleys and cookie bakings… soooo many fun moments with my favorite people on earth.

My duaghters always were – and in fact still are – my world (and the avalanche of missing socks is about to descend on their homes as well)- seeing their worlds emerge in their own ways, is nothing less than magical.

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“Throwback” – A new Sheep Incognito Painting Just Finished!

Meet the newest addition to the Sheep Incognito flock:

Title: “Throwback”, Size: 24” x 36”, Media: Digital painting on canvas, framed.

Contact me at the studio for aquisition information. Prints and smaller reprodctions will be available on the wesite next week.


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Colorful Valley Original Oil Painting

A new landscape painting  – huge 24 inches x 48 inches, framed in my standard black, cube-style gallery frame. Email me for detail images, or to get more information on this piece:

Colorful Valley Original Oil Painting by Conni Tögel

Source: Colorful Valley Original Oil Painting

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FLOWERCHILD Original Oil Painting

FLOWERCHILD Original Oil Painting – now available on the Charisma Art Gallery website

A little hippie sheep for the hippie in ewe – painted on canvas using professional-grade oils, with loads of texture, vibrant colors, and a big dash of sweetness. Great for a baby room, or your favorite flowerchild in your life…which, by the way, might just be an adult that loves flowers as much as I do.

11 Inches x 14 Inches, framed in a black, cube-style gallery frame.
Ships via USPS Priority Mail


Flowerchild Original Oil Painting by Sheep Incognito Artist Conni Tögel

Source: Flowerchild Original Oil Painting

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Custom Original Digital Pet Portrait Painting

Meet “BELLA” and “ANNA” – the cutest little dogs…
Both are customized original paintings, done on my digital easel – brought to the real world on canvas, with hand-embellished highlights.

I now have openings for creating YOUR personal original painting – click the link to read more:

Source: Custom Original Digital Pet Portrait Painting


ANNA – custom created digital dog painting.

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New Custom Pet Portraits!

New on my website today: Custom Pet Portraits by Conni Togel

Pet owners usually have a close connection to their little home-owners – whether cat, dog, chicken, pig, snake, or possum, all have a special place in the hearts of the family they live with.

What could be better than having them displayed peacefully, and colorful as a piece of art in your home. Less smelly, more smiley!

Once You’ve place your order, send me some images of your critter, and I’ll get to work creating a painting you can treasure forever…

Custom Pet Portraits on the Charisma Art Gallery Website

Example of Custom Pet Portrait



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